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Tried and Tested For Scale By Industry Giants.

IDStack Lets Users Generate Identity On the Underlying Blockchain and control access through their user wallet. Bringing Ownership of Data Back into User’s Hands.

Hello World in Under 10 Mins
-Templates and SDKs Available in Javascript.

Plug-Ins Available for Major Code Editors Like VS Code and Sublime Text.

Apps built on Elemential


Everything you need, from authentication to data storage, ready and in production.

We’re Upgrading Blockchain

Traditional blockchains were built for slow moving transactions. IDStack Blockchain enables building fast full stack apps with unlimited storage.

Infnite Scale

Architected with Proof of Stake which enables horizontal scaling.


IDStack’s approach to settlement through eventual consistency makes your apps run faster.

Inverted Data Ownership

Data is now in the hands of the user, who can choose local or hosted storage as an option.

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