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2018 is the year for Blockchain Integration & Implementation!

but a few challenges remain.

It’s hard to stay focused on innovating while keeping up with multiple blockchain frameworks. Configuring participants, spinning up nodes and orchestrating network coordination are their own distinct challenges for every framework. We’re yet to experience a standard, linear learning curve that eliminates the need for re-learning the same processes every time.

Setting up dependencies, deploying node micro services and dialing in to peer nodes is tricky. It typically takes around 5-6 hours for an expert and 20-100 hours for a novice. Risk of failure is high.

Many frameworks come with a few inherent flaws, which make implementation a tough proposition. For instance, Node management has a high failure rate, disconnecting enough essential nodes could halt a blockchain and dependency updates could be cease all activity. Security mess-ups such as loss or unauthorized access of private keys can compromise the integrity of the network.

Introducing Hadron

Innovation has never been a jump; it has always been accessed using bridges.

Netscape and HTML were the bridges that connected users to Web 1.0; Mozilla and JavaScript brought in Web 2.0.

Hadron is built to make your Web 3.0 application easier to run, integrate and scale. This is your bridge to blockchain.

Setup and Manage Your Network.

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